Integrated Law and Order Operations Platform

iLOOP is a practical tool developed to support the Police Force in a concrete way. Appropriately implemented, it yields measurable, and result-oriented deliverables. It is built on the two cores of experience and experiments and incorporates responses to problems faced by the Police. Coordination, mobilization and monitoring of available resources for Preventive Policing drives an iLOOP-enabled police force.

iLOOP, comes with flexible and innovative features that build on the strengths of the local Police Force, instead of simply transplanting and replicating a successful and effective intervention from another state/agency. It emphasizes and recognizes the importance of adapting good practices to suit local context.

Another concern that iLOOP addresses is successful integration of all the components so that it is sustainable, addresses the concerns of multi-users and can be adapted to a civil/armed force.

IiLOOP and its tentacles of components individually serve the needs and at the same time act as an integrated programme to present a wholesome picture. The raw data sharing across components coupled with a robust architecture enhances effective utilization of every small input from the beat level to the senior most level.

Some of the Salient Components of Law & Order Duties supported by iLoop:

a. Duty Management

c. Beat Management

b. Bandobust Management

d. Bandobust Management

e. Integration