Our approach to SEO has delivered scalable and sustainable results for clients across industries.

What is SEO?

SEO, as most of you reading this would already know, helps your website rank higher in search engine results thereby increasing its visibility to prospective clients and bringing in enhanced traffic. For a good product or service, this automatically results in increased conversions and sales and ensures business growth and success. We leverage an integrated approach to SEO involving both, On Page SEO & Off Page SEO.

On page SEO

On Page SEO is critical to drive higher traffic. On Page SEO involves addressing on-page SEO elements including Meta Tag, Alt Tags and Website Architecture.

Great Content

  • » Content designed for users
  • » Frequent & engaging
  • » Content created from keyword & user research


  • » Legible Links & URLs
  • » Breadcrumbs & indexing of website
  • » Viewable by Google as viewed by users (Robots.txt)


  • » Engaging User experience & Fast website
  • » Meta tags to explain what the content is (non text content too)
Off Page SEO

Given the importance of inbound links in acquiring traffic, we work on your Off-page SEO, to build links from high quality sources which is an excellent and viable long-term strategy.

SEO & Search Engine Optimization Services in Chennai & Bangalore, India

We offer strategic SEO services with an integrated approach where we optimize on page elements, create content on an ongoing basis as well as back link creation to get sustainable results from Google. Contact us for a free SEO consultation today!